Hassel free properties

The benefits of being a crew member.

It’s a once-off fee that you basically pay when you’re coming around to actually doing something with your second and third properties. That’s it, the fee’s already paid and the fee actually covers your first month’s, your first twelve month’s landlord insurance as well too. So the time you actually come around to purchasing subsequent properties, half the work is done before you even kick off. Once again, too, seamlessly it goes on to the legal part of it all. Eventually you’re even introduced to the property managers as well who all work together. Basically they’re all on the same page on it. So the whole thing is so seamless, so easy, no dramas. You’re limited to actually have whoever you want, if you want to.

The great part about working with these people who they refer you to is that they are on the same page in it so they actually tee up the appointments and everything like that. We just had another appointment with another person who’s been recommended to us by Accrue. They know what’s going on: they’ve done it all before. It just makes the process so much easier.

We actually signed up for Accrue Membership pretty much right away. We were curious. We had a lot of questions. The questions were answered and it just seemed like a no brainer that’s the way you wanted to go. They just treat you like you’re the one and only customer. They’ve obviously got a lot of customers because it’s a very busy place and they’ve got a great product as well. But every time you walk in there, they all remember. They immediately know where they are with you. They’ve got all their information at their fingertips, everything like that too. And you were treated wonderfully well – with a smile, with a great cup of coffee. And it all runs so smoothly. And from me, a customer service person of many years standing, you probably just couldn’t ask for better.

With Accrue Membership, it’s something that you wouldn’t have any drama about pushing on to other people, it’s more like suggesting it for them because it’s just so good, so seamless. It’s worked for us. No one’s ever been pushy. We’ve been able to make our own decisions. That’s great. We’ve done them by being well-educated by Accrue along the way.