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Accrue Real Estate have a great system in that they do all the research on the properties. They deal with the vendors. They come up with the price. They then call us in and they take us on a property tour – usually of two properties that they have researched for us to have a look at. We then come back to the office. Absolutely no pressure to choose either of those properties. If you’re not happy with either of those properties, they’ll saddle up again and find some more properties for you. They give a printed, printed booklet on each property and in that booklet contains all about the suburbs that you’re going into.Everything from infrastructure to owner, owner-rental ratio, owner-occupier ratio, schools, public transport and shopping centres. It’s great because they do all the hard work, they do all the foot slogs. They go out talking to other people. We just sit back and wait for the phone calls.

They bring you up, tell you to come in with a couple of properties for you to look at. They take you to the properties. It takes about half a day. They negotiate the process, the settlement dates, all the paperwork that, you know, can be a real hassle if you have to do it yourself. It can be real time consuming. They do all that for you and just present it for you in a package, already done. It’s very personalised. Every time you ring them up, they know exactly who you are. They know exactly where you are up to with your properties. They always answer phone calls, e-mails, immediately. They’ll always answer any questions really well. The whole procedure, there’s no pressure to do anything, to buy any properties, they’re just there for you.

We had our first annual property review with Accrue Real Estate. That was another property that we bought within an area. So they took us into the office. They showed us how well the property’s doing, how well the area’s doing. And then we talked about buying another property – and that was really interesting.

I think Accrue Real Estate Property Services is a 10/10, excellent. I have absolutely no complains about them whatsoever. I would recommend them to anybody. In fact, we’re trying to get our children interested in it when they’ve got themselves settled and financially independent. I think it’s a great, a great thing. We wished we’d done it years ago. We found Accrue Real Estate very trustworthy, very ethical, very friendly, confidential,  I can’t fault them.