New testimonial

Accrue made it really easy for us to look for properties. They did all the legwork for us and they made it really really easy. So we jumped on it straight away. We didn’t want to miss out.

The whole package. Doing everything. Everything that you needed.

They sourced the properties for us. They helped us with everything from beginning to end. We’ve not had any problems at all with contacting anybody or people contacting us. I’ve emailed them and we’ve got a response. Pretty much straight away. It’s been fantastic. I’ve not had a negative experience with them.

And looking at the product ranges…they virtually gave you a whole list of ranges; what price, what value you were planning on spending, or going to. And, yay. Just virtually multiple choices. “Damn the level and click on that one basically and yea…ok…you’ve got these three options. Do you want any of them or go to the next option”.

And they sent out a …you had a driver to have a look at the properties, who hasn’t been in the room with you. So they didn’t know…the driver doesn’t know what you’ve been told…

What you’re leaning towards…

…which was good because you go out with them…

…and they give you the positives as if they’re trying to sell that one particular one.

Yeah. It’s a discussion that’s totally separate. So you can have that yes, no or maybe, and the driver wasn’t with you in the room so the driver doesn’t know what you’ve heard. I liked that it was almost like a third party that was separate, and he just drove you around and you made your own decisions. You’re going out separately so you’re not feeling like you’re getting that sales pressure.

This is the one we want you to buy or …no [laugh]

No. And there was no running around

No. That’s it.

Which was really bizarre. There was no running around. There was no having to talk to the bank all the time…organizing the payments…doing all of that. There was none of that. It was “this is the bank we’re going to get the money from…”

Builders ringing out saying “we’ve got a problem with this and that”

It was a lot easier. I have to say that Accrue gives you all the tools to help you manage properties. The reminder notices for your insurance is due. All the paperwork side of it. It’s fantastic. You get your emails and you go “Aye”.  “We’re up to here…we’re up to there”. I don’t know any other company like Accrue.