New testimonial

I would rate Accrue realistically, if I were to put it on a context of one to ten, it’s definitely there on a higher band of eight-plus. It’s all in one. They’re professionals…they know their job very well. And the best part I like – the scoring is high because they’ve done a lot of research. So it’s a very tailor-made research done with our plan…that’s the best part of it.

When we became members, we bought two properties through Accrue. That was about six months ago, and since then Accrue has been sending us regular emails and updates on the progress of the property. They’ve been sending us photos of the progress of the site. Yeah…I would definitely recommend Accrue services to others, and I have done that in the last six months since we’ve been with Accrue.

And I think that’s the reason for people like us and our friends, which we had a set of guys who are in the same circle. They’re all sort of similar busy guys, and that’s where we could recommend them and say: “Go to Accrue. They’re there.”

Accrue certainly gave options, multiple options, without pressure to buy. When we went in for [an] appointment, they had about five properties shortlisted for us in two separate areas. So it’s five properties in each of the two areas that they were recommending for us. And there was no pressure in making up our mind on that. We took all the information from them. Went away home. After a couple of days we made an appointment to go and see the properties. They arranged a car for us. They took us out to all the properties. We had a look, and then it was up to us whether to make a choice in buying any of the properties or not, or when to buy. And fortunately, we did like those properties. We made our decision right there, right on the first day, and we bought those properties. We are very happy with Accrue services.

There are a lot of companies which contact us and we had gone to a few seminars as well. I’d say probably all of them. We landed up on approvals.  So there are companies…I don’t remember [off] the top of my head…there are companies who do these sorts of services. But, what Accrue could offer, we haven’t seen across…work the same in other. Just everything in one bundle.

Yea. Usually what has happened is we go off to the seminar. After the seminar, you put your name down on the register. One of the agents contacts you. They come home; they speak about a few properties. But usually it’s in just one area, or they could be selling some apartments, or multiple apartments, or different schemes. But they could be selling those apartments and they are skewed to go and have a look and make a decision on those. But, it’s just one agent. They don’t really give you options of multiple areas, or they are not as professional in their approach. Like, they don’t sort of, sit you in a room and try and convince you about the homework that they’ve done. That is not there with all those other agents. And they’re just there by themselves. Accrue is…it’s just human tendency that you have a level of comfort when you go to an office…you see many people; you see the establishment. And then in those sort of circumstances, you talk to them. It makes a different impact than an agent coming to your house and trying to sell you something of the plan.