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I went in with a list, a long list of questions. And the time that they took to answer each individual question, in layman’s terms, they laid it out and they showed me on paper how it all came together and it was easy and simple and then I started to get excited about what we could be doing. Those questions, in the initial visit, in the initial consultation, I asked a lot of questions and then when I went away I started thinking of other things that I wasn’t sure of and Accrue were really happy to make another appointment for me to come back. It didn’t cost me anything. And I spent another good hour, two hours, sitting there and answering all my new questions. So that by the time I left that day, I felt like I was fully informed.

Why we decided to sign up and become an Accrue Member on that day was because they had a product to offer that we really wanted and they explained how this product worked and becoming a member with Accrue means that they do all the hard work, we had to do nothing. We just signed papers. We didn’t have to do a thing. They answered all our questions. We knew what we were signing and we knew that being a member of Accrue opened doors for us into the future.

In regards to the fees and the membership that you buy into with Accrue, the one thing I really loved was that was it. It is a one off fee. It’s not expensive. And for that money, that’s for your life, that’s for as long as you’re with Accrue. They can obtain properties that you would never be able to find in the marketplace of your own coalition.

I believe I developed a really good rapport with the Accrue staff. They knew me. I could ring them and they would be there to talk to me anytime I wanted. One thing I like about Accrue is they tell us every step of the way what’s happening. They constantly keep in touch by telephone and let us know, look, this is happening, this is happening, this is really exciting. And they get just as excited as we do when these properties finally get through to the stage where we get the keys. I have no hesitation in giving their cards out to friends. I’ve even recommended them to my daughter and her husband.