We became members because of the benefits that they were offering, the services and everything, far outweighed the cost of becoming a member. And, it was a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you join? They presented everything in a professional manner. I couldn’t hope to do the research if I had a month to spare. And the fee never went up. It’s not like on-going fees that, you join a club and you’re going to keep paying and paying. It’s just a one-off.

Have we had any negative experience? To be honest, no. They’re very professional. They kept us in the loop throughout the building stage of the units, the apartments that we bought. My family calls me a dinosaur because I still agree in a handshake agreement. I found them to be extremely honest. If you ask them a question that they didn’t have the answer right there on their fingerprints, they would tell you, “Oh, I haven’t got the answer. I’ll get back to you.” And they did.

I never felt pressured from the word “Go”. They didn’t try to hatch down on you. They merely gave you the information for you to judge us. Their choice was always ask. These came across pretty straight and honest. I was might impressed how they followed up to let us know how the property was going. It’s not just, they sold you the property and they’re done with you. And we went in and we knew they had documentation there to show you what the prices in the area have gone to. I’d like to build up a portfolio that I could pass on to my daughters, make their lives easier, you know? That’s what I like. And these guys are helping me achieve my dream goal of setting my kids up. I would highly recommend it to anybody.