Value for money

Accrue, I found, to be very reputable.Very reliable. They gave fantastic information.Very, very happy with them. I can’t fault them. The first interview, they sit you down, they talk about what you want out of this investment. They talk about how the investment will run and the different processes involved. That’s a full service, right through from property searching. Very professional crew, they know what they’re talking about.

On a scale zero to ten, I’d probably put them at nine and a half. They review every twelve months. They let you know the current market value, what’s happening with properties around yours, in the area. I’m very happy with it. I found them very trustworthy. They, in the initial stages, were on the phone regularly, just to fill me in on progress, see how things are going. Making sure that I’m happy. That’s the big one. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Anyone even considering this, get into this as soon as you can. I did it for my kids. Property values are increasing, they double in value every ten years. My kids will not have a hundred thousand dollar deposit for a three bedroom suburban house.